Thursday, October 17, 2013

LOL: Live Out Loud

Chinatown, London, UK
As I have travelled quite a lot this year, I thought I could make a post about travelling. This is a topic close to my heart, and it is a rather complex term, so it is quite hard to grasp. I will do my best, explaining you guys what travelling means to me and why I think it is important. Who knows, maybe we share the same view on this? 

First of all I want to clear up one thing, by showing you a quote:
"Tourists don't know where they have been, travellers don't know where they are going." 
-Paul Theroux
I think this quote really tells the difference between travellers and tourists, and it shows that this post is about travelling, not tourism.

Travelling to me is not just a physical journey, but also a mental development. When travelling one embraces the culture and everything it has to offer, and learn from it. Gaining knowledge you can't read in books, or watching the theories you read about come to life right before your eyes. Travelling is wandering to experience. To trust strangers to give you a hike, and take things as they come. To go wherever the wind blows you. A travel is full of adventure and wanderlust.

To me it is important to travel. I get too restless too quickly, and the wanderlust in me just gets too big. To keep my mind open, and keep learning for as long as I live, are two things that are high priorities of mine. I want to look at all of my options of places to settle down. I mean, how can I know that this is the best place for me in the whole wide world, when i haven't seen other places? There might be something that suits me better out there! I also believe that people who travel a lot, are more exciting. 

"I came to live out loud" Taken on
Marinduque Island, Philippines
People should travel more, because if many enough people have an open mind, our world will be stronger. I believe in a world-community where countries stand united together because they understand each other. The knowledge one gains while travelling is highly complex, and you learn about yourself, life, the world, community, religions, history etc. It is an amazing way of developing and finding oneself. 

So what is travelling really about? Well, to me travelling is about meeting the people behind the countries, the true spirit of the culture. It is about taking awesome photos. It is about staying inspired, and keep learning. It is about making yourself more nuanced. It is about feeling free. It is about collecting moments and memories. It is about making your life an exciting story to tell your grandchildren. 

I found some links for you if you need inspiration or help, or simply want to surf the web about travelling:
My baby brother playing in the sand
on White Beach, Boracay, Philippines 
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Let me know what you think travelling is about in the comments! =)

-Camilla =)

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  1. Such an inspiring and relatable article! I absolutely agree with you, about how muh one can/should learn from travelling. :)