Saturday, June 8, 2013

Natural light

Yesterday I had a friend over. We decided to have a mini fotoshoot and try with different kinds of lights and actions in the pictures. One of the settings were turning off all the lights in my room, closing the curtains in one of the two windows, and having her stand beside the window with open curtains. It created a natural light and when I made the contrast just a tiny bit bigger, the background turned completely black. Today I've uploaded and edited them, so I'll let you have a look and listen to what you think. Enjoy...

Number two and four are the same photo, edited in different ways. Simply because I just couldn't decide which one was better. The same goes for number three and five.

The girl on the picture is called eve, and you can find her blog on:

What do you think about the photos?
What could I do better the next time?
Which one is your favourite?

-Camilla =)