Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can't decide!

Here is one of the pictures from the last post, this time it is edited in 11 different ways. I couldn't decide which one was better so I'll share them all with you. The picture is taken and edited with my iPhone. Enjoy..

On the top you have the original, and under you have the different versions.

What do you think about the photo?
Which version did you like the most?

-Camilla =)


  1. Hi dear,
    nice composition, I like the sun on the water, grass in front part of the picture and mirror effect on the water. Critics: horizon shouldn't be in the middle, the sun is toooo bright. No. 8 is my favourite.
    Ha det bra!

    1. Hello Milos! Nice to hear from you again :) Hope you are okay, thanks for the feedback. I will try and keep your advice in mind the next time I take photos by this lake.