Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crow and water

This post was supposed to be posted yesterday!

Today me and my mother went for a little walk and I decided to bring my camera. Unfortunately I didn't bring my Sigma lens so I couldn't take photos of the herons that were resting on the other side of the lake. I'll try again tomorrow because there are a lot of herons in this area and I might run into some of them. Anyways here are two of the photos I took. Enjoy..

Because I can't have more than 1GB in my Picasa webalbum I'll have to delete pictures from it sometimes. When I delete them you can't see them anymore so the first pictures I posted on the blog, and the ones that I have uploaded several times will go first.

What do you think about the pictures?
Which one did you favourite?

-Camilla =)

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