Monday, September 24, 2012

Long time, no see!

Now that we're back at school after the summer-vacation I really don't have much spare-time for free-lancing. My days are filled with school, homework, dog-walking, training and working. I can nearly ever find myself sitting still. I did get some time in the nights this weekend though, and the moon was my motive. Only three of the pictures are copyrighted, this because I wasn't quite happy with the rest of them. These are unedited. Stay tuned for some iPhone pictures as I will get the blog up and running on my phone as well! Enjoy...

I was really just playing around, experimenting with the different settings and modes on the camera, but some of the pictures turned out ok so i decided to share them with you guys! I used my telezoom lens (sigma 70mm-300mm) to take these pictures.

Stay tuned! I've got some exciting projects waiting to be posted here.

What do you think about the pictures?
Which one did you favourite?

-Camilla =)

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